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By Colin Kemp

What a weekend! I am now working hard to catch up on all of the emails and phone calls that had to wait while my home town got it on this past weekend. The never disappoints. Boaters flocked from all over the world for a chance to win bragging rites and the bling that was this years first prize, a chunky chain with a pendant that doubles as a belt buckle. The open event was on Friday and the competition was fierce. I have not spent a bunch of time in my play boat this spring, because I have been in my creek boat mostly. I felt a bit rough coming off the bench especially with the guys who I had to try to best. The days leading up to the event were great fun with everyone pushing each other on to do better. The day before the event I talked KB and Luke from Montuckey to join James and I on a fun river run to blow off some steam. Friday morning it was on. The field would be cut down to 6 for finals and then the top three would get to advance on to the pro event. Both KB and I made the cut to the 6 which was great! We did have a long wait to find this out so we had to rush to warm up before the finals. At the end of the day KB held onto 2nd place and I fell to 4th, bummer. KB advanced to the pro event and made Team JK proud along with all of our other athletes. The weekend was a blast and I can not wait till next year. Full event coverage can be found at KB watch out because I am gunning for you next year bro!
Later ; Colin

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Colin Reno
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KB Reno