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By Devon Barker

Hey Everyone,

May has been awesome in Idaho. The water is huge and the waves have
been fantastic. Seth and I have had so much fun in our Jackson Stars!! We
hit the 36th Street wave for several sessions. During one of my sessions
at 36th Street Wave, I met Eli from Eugene, Oregon. He has surfed over 200
standing waves around the world including the Zambezi
Skookumchuck, and was here for the 36th Street Wave and hoping to hit the Bladder

We also spent several days at high water on the South Fork of the
Payette Staircase Section. It peaked around 11,500 cfs and the waves were

After a week of biting my nails, high water on the Main Payette, and
the Bladder down, I walked out of school on Thursday with my dad waiting
outside with boats loaded on the car. He said, "BLADDER’S IN!" I was so
excited! We surfed Thursday night, all day Friday and we called Devon Barker to
surf with us on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!

Here is a short video of our epic month of surfing in Boise! I also
wanted to say Thanks to
Shawn the Dam Operator for being so friendly with the
kayakers. He pulled an all-nighter to flush the sand out so we could
still surf!!

Alec Voorhees
Age 11"