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2008 is starting out to be my best boating season ever, thanks largely in part to winter workouts on a PaddleStation.

Usually, for the first several weeks of the season I am tossed about like a rag doll. This year I can stay forward and concentrate on my moves. Usually I am frustrated because by the time I get in shape, my paddling season is almost over. This year I have been able to go full speed from day one. Best of all, my son isn’t laughing at me quite as hard as he used to.

Since I passed 40, it has been a constant struggle to stay in shape. The Paddlestation provides me with a painless way to survive Wisconsin’s winters and be ready for spring.

The cost of the PaddleStation is being recovered by reduced need for Ibuprofen.

Here’s a short video showing results from a half winter on the PaddleStation.

Tim Parker