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This is a picture of a 60 year old broken down fireman who loves Brush Creek (Kern River, CA) especially in his SuperFun. Last spring I sent a picture of my self and my 4 sons all in our brand new Jackson Kayaks. (In a circle below the jump rock at the class IV rapid Horseshoe Falls on the lower Kern) What a great year. I went the entire season without missing a roll, first time in 12 years of kayaking. I know at my age I’m not getting better so it had to be the ride. My youngest son was looking for a new boat at Sierra South in Kernville and he sat in a 4Fun. He told me to sit in it and I said I was too old to be changing boats and was happy with the one I had. I finally got into it and it felt like putting on a pair of old bedroom slippers. So we bought five of them. We have actively been your unofficial sales reps in the southern california area ever since. Any way thanks for making kayaks for kayakers, all 5 of us love them especially this old gray haired fossil.

Yours in Kayaking, Brent Ferguson

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