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By Ben Stookesberry

After several successful runs down Dillon Falls and the other good
sections of the Deschutes River, Ben and Jesse descide to take Thayer
and the Crash Course to a more technical river in the Upper Rogue
River in Southern Oregon. The Rogue emanates as one of the largest
artesian springs in the Northwest at the base of the Crater Lake.
From their the river descends through an amazing series of volcanic
Cataracts that hits a crescendo at the Natural Bridge of the Rogue.
From here the rogue descends sub subterranean through a lava tube for
a 100 yards before spilling out into an amazing class V rapid of the
same name. Thayer begins his journey by learning the seal launch that
will allow him to safely enter the river below the Natural Bridge
rapid. The Seal Launch technique will be paramount as Thayer
continues his evolution as a class V kayaker. Joined once again by JK
teamer Eric Seymour the group also happens upon another JK man and
phtographer Darin McQuoid as the large group makes their way down 8
miles through one of the most beautiful and challenging canyons
Thayer has ever attempted in a kayak.

Ben Stookesberry