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Having grown up on the water, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that I
would have so much fun kayaking. With 160,000 acres of lake to paddle
around on, I don’t imagine that I will cover it all in my lifetime, but my
children and I did manage to explore areas that I had never seen before in
my 40+ years in the area. It was awesome. My days of reckless athleticism
are well behind me and I’m sad to say that my deskjob has padded my body and
robbed me of stamina. But that
didn’t stop me from covering around 20 miles in my Daytripper 12!
This boat was so stable and easy to manage and my fuel costs were counted in
terms of carbs and protein instead of price per gallon! I just can’t say
enough about how much fun we had. Even when we were
just hanging around the dock, the kids just wouldn’t get out of them.
We used them as diving platforms, fishing boats, even floating picnic
tables. Many of our neighbors came down to try them out. One guy even
wants to use one to pack his hunting gear into and out from his deer stands!
Not my thing, but hey! It’s a useful boat! Thanks, again, guys for making
a great product that an average Joe can have so much fun in.

Joe Tenison