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The first thing you see when you approach Tybee Island, Georgia is the marsh- soooooo much of that beautiful marsh and it’s many rivers that are just waiting for motorboats, jet skis and, yes, kayaks. The first time we went to Tybee Island I told my wife, Pam, that I HAVE to paddle the marsh. Well, I didn’t want to lug my 17′ touring boat on top my Scion XB, I wanted to cover as much water as possible so I didn’t take my play boat and that left my Day Tripper. The ‘tripper was the perfect choice. It has more room than you need, stability that would make even a beginner paddler confident, the great new tray was the perfect spot for my cell phone and keys and my Day Tripper sliced through the chop with ease- even in 30 knot gusts.
So, I was looking for a put-in and found a great spot at the Lazaretto Creek Bridge in the Tybee Island Marina. I met the coolest guy named Shane and after hooking me up with sunscreen and giving me some good advice on staying left of the channel approaching Cockspur Beacon, he showed me my put-in; his private dock. I paddled around and lost track of time as I watched dolphins, osprey, and seagulls and figured I would head over to Cockspur Island, home of the Cockspur Beacon. Ya know, it’s funny. For years now I’ve marveled at just how small the lighthouse is. You see it every time you cross the Lazaretto Creek Bridge and it’s TINY…so I thought.
I set out for the little lighthouse and almost didn’t bother because it’s SO small. What the heck, I’ll zip over and get some photos and come right back. So I paddled, and paddled, aaaaand paddled. The lighthouse wasn’t getting any bigger. I guess it was a combination of height of the bridge and no horizon reference right behind the lighthouse that made it look so small and close. It’s neither small nor close. How did the boat do? The Day Tripper was, simply put, easy paddling. Unlike other larger boats I’ve paddled, it actually felt small. It’s light, easy to navigate and floats in almost no water. Once I got my rhythm, paddling my Day Tripper felt almost like I was being pushed compared to paddling my 17’ touring boat. Cockspur Island was totally covered in shells and the beacon offered the best views of Tybee Island I’ve seen. So imagine this; I got to paddle the marsh just like I’ve always wanted, toured the inland rivers, saw dolphins only feet away and visited one of the oldest lighthouses around ( best accessed by kayak ) all thanks to my Day Tripper. Ya gotta get one… the Day Tripper takes you places.

Edward Philpot
Simplifly Gear