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By Jesse Coombs

Hey Everyone,

We are in the midst of a great tour with the largest audiences we have ever seen. Here is a summary of how the shows went in Wyoming and Part 2 of Colorado.

Denver, CO

Confluence Kayaks hosts our Denver show and has had it at the Bug Theater for the last several years. This is a great venue as they sell beer and popcorn and is a great way to see the film with theater seating and a large screen. Ben is from Colorado originally, and his sister lives in Denver. We always get a lot of Ben’s family at this show which makes it even that much better! Every year I look forward to seeing Ben’s mom and sister and family here. John of Confluence Kayaks is as nice a guy as there is, and we always enjoy bringing our latest film to Denver.

Winter Park, CO

We started premiering the film in Winter Park last year with Dave Costlow and MAD Adventures, and they always do a great job. We had a great turn out that was 7% of the population. We showed at the PUB and the crowd was very vocal during the film during the ups and downs. They had some great questions after the film, and then Dave held a great door prize giveaway which is similar to a raffle. I consider Dave a great friend and someone I respect tremendously, so we always look forward to showing our films with him.

Fort Collins, CO

This is one of the shows I look forward to for the entire year. Dave Costlow of Rocky Mountain Adventures has been doing this show for 7 years and does an absolutely first rate job. He charges $12 at the door and it is the best bargain of the entire tour. He hosts the show at New Belgium and provides delicious catering. Therefore for only $12 the audience gets dinner, delicious beer, a door prize and the movie. You can’t beat it! Dave always sells out the show and everyone one of the audience members know him personally. Dave creates a relationship with his customers throughout the year, and he pre-sells his tickets at the shop. Dave sets the bar that all hosts can learn from on how to put on the perfect show.

Jackson Hole, WY

We just had our best show ever in Jackson Hole. Eric and Jess Seymore hosted the show and had over 100 people! The turn out of our premiers is always directly related to the effort put into advertising the show, and Eric and Jess put on a great one. Eric is one of the original members of No Big Names and a great guy. Jess is a professional extreme skier and won Worlds last year. They are great friends, and they put on a great show!