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With Sponsors like Oscar’s Brewery, Vitamin Water, and Jackson Kayak, lots of fun events, great water levels and tons of spectators and participants, you have a recipe for FUN! This year’s Lyons Outdoor Games was the biggest yet. Team Jackson Kayak was there in force, competing in the Extreme race on South San Vrain as well as in the Freestyle Competition at the whitewater park. We also sponsored a “Cadet” rodeo for kids under 14 years old where a Jackson Kayak of choice was given away to the winner! 7 Year old Sage, competed in her Shooting Star in this event as the youngest competitor this year. Last year 5 year old Henry was the youngest competitor.
In the Freestyle Event:
Emily dominated each round and won, keeping her undefeated in competition for the entire season so far! Her moves are catching up to the men’s pro and she would be giving many of the men a run for their money! She just keeps getting better and it is very impressive to watch as a father or just a casual observer. Elaine was second and Eleanor Perry was third with good rides as well!
In the men’s class it was a Jackson Kayak sweep with the top 6 places being all JK boats.
1. Nick Troutman- winning the second year in a row here!
2. Stephen Wright- had huge rides with a 198 in prelims and some crazy high loop moves.
3. EJ- moving up in the world as I was 4th here last year.
4. Greg Parker- this kid is awesome and you’ll see him in our new 2008/9 promo video.
5. Jonathan Shales- 17, from Alabama and going Huge!
6. Dane Jackson- 14 and from TN, and had great rides, but just missed the cut to finals (top 5)
Extreme Race:
1. Tao Berman did a great job with a 3:25 on the course paddling his lightweight team boat.
2. Andrew Holcomb had a 3:26 only 1 second back and was last year’s winner.
3. Jason Beakes had a great first run of 3:28 holding on to 3rd.
4. EJ- I had a 3:32 on my first run but came back with a 3:29 on the second run, faster but just out of the medals.
5. Clay Wright- 3:32- great run in the Super Hero
What a great weekend. My partner, Tony and his cousin Bill Lunt, showed up and we had dinner at Oscar Blues, sweet! They dropped off a case of “Dale’s Pale Ale” for me before I left, sweet!!! It is one of the only micro-brews in a can, which they say is the future of environmentally friendly beer. I do know that it tastes great!