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By Jason Craig

Hi Guys,
I’ve been have a amazing time out here is Colorado. The water is pumping and the kayaking is world class. If you have the chance this spring come out and paddle this water. The snow pack is 180% normal and it is all coming off. It is an amazing place right now with flowers all around and little creeks, and big creeks coming out of nowhere. Yesterday I did the Teva Mountain games pro freestyle event. My whole goal for this competition was to go out there and have fun. In preliminaries I had a slow first ride realized that my goal for this competition was to have fun and had the second best ride of the day putting me in 7th going into semis. I was stoked on advancing to semifinals. In semis I thought that there was no chance of me advancing to finals, so I just wanted to go big and have fun. Well it paid off because I had the third highest ride of the semis and a lot of those points were big air bonuses. Sweet! I was so stoked on advancing onto finals. After walking around Vail village and checking out the other sports it was time to gear up. Finals were on of the coolest things I have done. My rides were strong and I was in third place coming out of first rides, but was so cool was the crowd. I would drop in the hole or do a big loop there would be a huge roar from the crowd. It was crazy to kayak for that many people. The paddlers other paddlers were amazing. Ej toped the rides with a 158 during the majority of finals, with Nick coming just shy in second place with a 156. In the end it was Dustin Urban coming out with a amazing 170 ride to cap off the whole thing. I had a hard time paddling in finals because I wanted to watch the rides. In finals I finished 5th but the award was the experience.
See you next year vail!