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I had the pleasure of attending an on water demo for TG Canoe and Kayak earlier this Spring. What a great business that Duane and his wife have out there providing rental and retail sales to their community. The warm and clear springs of the San Marcos river are a gem and his business hits straight at the core of having fun on the water.
Duane sent this email to me the other day telling me of what he thinks of our first recreational line of kayaks… the "Day Trippers". From a guy that’s been in the business for as long as Duane to comment like this… it’s obvious the Day Trippers hit the sweet spot for recreational kayaking. For anyone in the Austin/San Marcos area looking to paddle… be sure to swing by TG Canoe and Kayak…
Howdy Marty!
Thanks for creating the Jackson Rec, Day Tripper line. I must admit, when I first saw them I thought "Looks Tubby" but when I rolled them over and saw the hull characteristics my thoughts began to change. The proof, however, was in the paddling where the Day Trippers shine. Surprising speed, good maneuverability, great stability, and fine comfort (especially with the Elite outfitting) are true descriptions of all the Day Trippers. After a demo session this morning at TGCK, a Day Tripper 12 sold itself to a 60 year old man. Also, after doing demos, we sold a DT 10 and two Mini Trippers – 6 and 9 years old respectively on the Mini Trippers. The key to the Mini sales pointed directly to the fact that the children could easily control the kayak and, as importantly, maintain a speed necessary to keep up with mom and dad. As with the Jackson whitewater line, the Jackson Kayaks Rec Division has incorporated the need to outfit all sizes of humans – big, small, and in between. The big and the small are appreciative. Press on toward the goal.
Duane TG
T G Canoes and Kayaks
San Marcos, TX