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All good things come in time they say and this is the truth with the Day Tripper Elite! John Ratliff and I were riding in the car together when we came up with this new seating system and it took us two years to get it ready for production, but today, we are there!

What is so special about this new Day Tripper Elite 10 and 12? Take an incredibly stable hull that paddles like a dream for a beginner or someone wanting to get from point A to B worrying about keeping the boat in control. Then decide who you want to bring along and set your seat accordingly. Your four legged friend, a friend, or a kid? Perhaps just a ton of fishing gear, cooler, food, and your kitchen sink? Yes, it has a capacity like no other with a wide open cockpit for easy access. The Elite seat is awesome in or out of the boat. Sit in it all day comfortably whether out on the lake, or on the beach. Yes, it pulls right out and makes a great seat by the fire as you cook up your catch from the day! The Elite even comes with its own dry bag, and net for storing stuff out of the way.

Did I mention the 2008 Day Tray that comes Standard???? Yes, the boat comes with not one, but two cup holders. One that fits your 12 ounce beverage of choice, and one that fits a large coffee cup. Awesome! The Day Tray slides easily on the cockpit rim and is ready to rock with a fish measuring device built in, a tackle box, and a perfect location for your rod holders. The fact that you can slide it anywhere along the cockpit rim makes the versatility of the Day Tripper with the Day Tray incredible.

Want to know more about it? Get in one at one of our great dealers today!

See you on the water!

Eric Jackson