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For starters, here’s a great big THANKS to everyone at Zoar for hosting such an amazing event. From a participants perspective, you can just show up, get geared up from head to toe (plus boat and paddle), and jump in on something like six to eight clinics over the course of three days. The clinics are awesome, Zoar offers rolling, river management, edge control, first timer runs down the Fife Brook and Dryway sections of the Deerfield River, and a couple of paddle with the pros runs as well. Zoar also delivers for reps and team members! From the minute you show up, the name of the game is hospitality! Zoar put us up in outfitters tents, fed us, hosted several parties and cook-outs, and is so organized that the weekend ran smooth as silk. No headaches, no hassles, just an awesome opportunity to get people in boats, and then head out on the river with them!

Here are some personal highlights:

– Ten year old Claudia Bertrand from Manhattan sat in the Fun-1 and said "It’s so easy to adjust, I love it." C’mon, you can’t make stuff like that up.

– Every single participant in Saturday’s paddle with the pros event was in a boat from the All Star series, except for Mike from Zoar. But that’s OK because he led us down a ton of fun slots and over a bunch of sweet boofs! Thanks Mike!

– Watching Matt Young in his Pyranha Speeder (not so) slowly slip away in Sunday’s installment of the Lozer Cup. Special thanks to Kenny for organizing such a sweet opportunity for me to lose a race.

So kids, the moral of the story is: COME TO ZOAR DEMOFEST NEXT YEAR. If you’re in the northeast, and you paddle, used to paddle, or would like to try paddling, be there. It is fantastic, the people at Zoar will take care of you, there is guaranteed water, and mandatory fun.

Well, it’s pouring in Vermont right now, so I’ve got load up and head out!

Be kind!

Rob Terry and Anna Jorgensen-Terry