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By Billy Harris

I am doing Beginner Clinics and river running clinics (boof) clinics with Valley Mill Kayak School Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday starting on the July 11th to the 15th. My wife and current Canadian Freestyle Champion will be helping for all the clinics and there will be a 6-person cap on the classes. There will be only 1 afternoon class on the SAT. Beginner clinics will be rolling and strokes in the AM and the river running and play clinics will be location dependant and during PM times. The river running clinics will include boofing clinics; this skill will be on the list of to do’s during the course times. Please bring a way of writing everything down at the end of the clinic.

For more information Check out for details on who I am or Contact Jim at Valley Mill for clinic details and prices etc.

Billy Harris

Ps if you don’t want to end up in some story on the JK site let me or Jim know ahead of time. Camera’s will be on site and present for all clinics.