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This past week I had the most exciting kayak camp I’ve ever taught.
Most of the kids had some previous experience, but on day 1 the kids were
timid and nervous about running class 2 rapids. By the last day they had
run 4 class 3 rapids with style and confidence. After every big rapid the
kids were grinning and were fired up to run more hard stuff.

Five of the kids surfed in the bottom Salida hole on day 4. On the last
day, 4 of the kids also surfed in the top Salida hole for the first time and
a 5th kid is now ready to do it after watching his friends succeed. They
were all freaked out to surf before doing it, but are now excited to start
playboating. One kid even started trying loops on his first day in the top

It was great to see everyone progress as paddlers and gain more confidence
as the week went on. More importantly though, they are now pumped up to do
more kayaking. They were planning on paddling again today (for the 6th day
in a row) and are planning a 26 mile overnight paddle with their parents
this upcoming week. Enjoy the video.


P.S. The water level has been great for the past couple of weeks and I have
been paddling a lot after work. I’ll hopefully have another combo video