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I was writing in my journal that Kristine gave me in 1998 and is still getting entries today. I went back to an entry in 2001 that I had forgotten about and it is perhaps one of my favorite analogies for maintaining happiness in your life. I thought I would share:

11/24/01 (Kristine’s Birthday)

“I want to get all priorities on the table with family and get working on them. Good day with Kristine in Lake Placid, rented house to celebrate Thanksgiving in, instead of the RV, and for her birthday. “

This passage that caught my eye…

“Happiness is as fragile as a spider-web. Left alone it breaks apart one string at a time until it no longer catches the sun’s rays reflecting joy; instead leaving a dusty reminder of better times. Only when building the web of happiness daily, tending to the major strings and then adding to the web, does happiness become the first feeling felt in any thoughts, actions, or conversation.”


Let’s all look at our webs in life and do some maintenance on them, bringing them up to show quality and making it easy to feel happy about each strand, each priority, and each person in our lives.