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2009 will be a great year to buy a Jackson Kayak. However, it will cost between $100-$150 more than in 2007. I have committed to keeping our prices the same for the entire season (October 1st-2007-September 1st 2008), but we will raise them on October 1st, 2008. I am telling you this because of two things.
1. We are offering cosmetic blems- otherwise known as “demo” boats (that will be the stamp on the rear left stern) for $200 less than next year’s prices.
2. Our dealers have inventory of 2008 boats at current prices, but when they are gone the prices will go up.
My suppliers are offering me a 20% increase in pricing. We are doing what we can to improve upon that. I am confident that we can take the steps necessary to only raise our prices by 10% and make up for the additional costs through efficiencies, etc..
I have met many of you who are reading this personally. You are my friends. I will do the best job I can to provide you with the best products, best service, and best prices I can and sustain my business.
We have some sweet Demo boats available right now. I just got a beautiful new Red All-Star for the World Cup. It is stiff, shiny, shaped right and I can’t figure out what makes it a blem. I am paddling it daily on the Ottawa River now as I coach the “Keeners” and will take it to Europe to compete in the biggest events of the year. $895
I hope you are getting my hint! I recommend ordering a demo and save $200+ over next year’s prices.
Meanwhile- somebody left my RV door open… DANE? And the mosquitoes are killing me!
Bed time for bonzo..