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By Jez

Diamond Brand NC will be holding a free premier of our film Downunder the Horizonline by Skippy Films at the Asheville store on July 31st at 7.30pm. The guys at Diamond Brand are organizing a very cool night with some food and I’ll be there with a few give aways. This is a truly independent film made with no financial assistance from sponsors and is the first whitewater kayaking film to feature Australia. The film includes footage from all over the world including Canada, Norway, USA, so come along and check it out, maybe even buy a copy for yourself 🙂
Address: Diamond Brand of Asheville
172 Charlotte Street
Asheville, NC
Cheers mate, hope to see you all there.

FLETCHER, N.C- As a way to encourage members of the community to enjoy the pleasant summer evenings, Diamond Brand Outdoors will host an Outdoor Movie Premiere on July 31st, 2008 at 7:30 pm at the Asheville store.
The movie that will be shown, DownUnder the Horizonline, follows three Australian kayakers on their adventures around the Globe. The film features footage of never before seen rivers in Canada, the United States, and Norway and of course, Australia. “We chose to premiere this film because we are always looking to reach out to the boaters in the community and we anticipate a very successful turnout,” says Derek Turno, of Diamond Brand’s Asheville store. “I think this film is great because it really embraces Diamond Brand’s values of getting out there and just exploring.”
Food will be provided and folks are encouraged to bring chairs and beverages of their choice. For more information contact the Asheville store at (828) 251-4668
About Diamond Brand
Diamond Brand Outdoors is a complete outdoor outfitter with two retail locations in Arden and Asheville, NC. Diamond Brand specializes in helping customers find solutions to all their outdoor needs, offering the finest in selection, service and local knowledge. Diamond Brand has been a staple among outdoor enthusiasts in Western North Carolina for over 40 years, firmly dedicated to preserving nature, fostering an enjoyment of the outdoors, and bettering Arden, Asheville and their surrounding communities. For more information on Diamond Brand Outdoors’ community involvement and upcoming store events visit