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By Lauren Burress

Hey Ej,
Just thought I’d tell you about . We were going to Salida to paddle then we decided to paddle at BV, and then we were contemplating about that also. We want something new. So Pueblo was perfect! We packed up the kayaks and left ready for our 2 hour drive. Pueblo White water Park is very interesting because they have several holes/and or waves (at certain levels). This is nice for paddling because you can play usually at any level. Also the graffiti is very creative. 🙂

When we went there the water was at a higher level than usual. We put in and got off to an unusual and a bit scary start, our weimerheiner named Rheiner was with us at the time and our mom was gone at the moment so Rheiner usually stays on bank while we paddled. We were doing flat water tricks and warming up and I look over and Rheiner is swimming towards us! Like I said we put in above the hole so we could drop in. Rheiner got caught by the current and was swept downstream we didn’t know how he would react to the type of situation because he’d never been in one like this. So he seemed to be calm (But how can you tell he’s a dog) he was headed for shore and didn’t make it. He went right through the hole and popped up still swimming for shore; he got out shook off and was fine my dad had followed him down to make sure he was ok. Afterwards we laughed but at the time it wasn’t that funny.

So on to the play boating, the first hole I a bit like a low head dam well at least it looks like that. But really it is super easy to get out of. And AWESOME for loops! So on down to the second hole it is river wide. Big enough to have a party surf of twenty! But two was our limit concluding it was just my dad and I. This hole is really shallow, so we didn’t stay long. The third or fourth hole was GREAT we stayed there most of the time. I especially like this one because I hit a few Mcnastys. We met up with a few paddlers down there and they were really nice! Pueblo is also great for pictures because of the graffiti. (It looks cool in the pictures) Anyways my dad and I love Pueblo, and hope to be back soon!

SYOTR, Lauren Burress