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The World Cup was a great place to showcase the most successful freestyle kayak of all time, the Star series. The results were 10 of the 15 medals were won in a Star series kayak for the World Cup overall.
The other 4 medals were won by:
2 by the French fiberglass/carbon kayak called the Gui Gui.
2 were won by Wavesport Projects- Noria from France in the Junior Women’s Class, and Peter Czonka won the Men’s class in his Project with a 1st, and 2nd, and a 3rd place finish in the individual events.
· All three of the women medalists were in Stars.
· Two of the Men’s were in All-Stars (Nick and Dustin)
· Two of the C1’s were in Star and All-Star- Dave and Lee from England
· Two of the Junior Men were in Star and All-Star, Jason and LP
· The winner of the Junior women was in a Star, from Germany
For me, however, the biggest thrill of watching the All-Star (David Knight and my baby, in kayak terms) was watching how well it did at the features and seeing how many people felt that they needed to try it. THEN when the did try it, it was unanimous that they had to have one and replace their existing boat.
So many people from other brands were saying that, “they are all the same” but clearly the paddlers trying them were shocked at the difference. Even though I missed out on winning this event by not even making the finals in the last event, I left the World Cup so proud of not only the All-Star, but the paddlers in them. That boat is the ticket for anyone who wants to playboat.
It comes in four sizes as you likely already know:
1. Shooting Star
2. Star
3. All-Star
4. Super Star
I love knowing that I have this boat to paddle anytime!