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August 24, 2008

Great news to all Jackson Kayak fans. We are moving forward with the Dynamic Duo- our two person whitewater kayak designed to bring whitewater to more people and makes learning easier! Based on our super successful Hero series, this boat is going to change the way people learn to paddle, and allow paddlers to run Class 2-4 whitewater that is harder than they normally run on their own. Like Sky diving, flying airplanes, driving a car, etc. learning with someone that knows what they are doing in the drivers seat is much safer, more comforting, and allows you to learn what to do much easier.
My Wife, Kristine, for example doesn’t like kayaking, but loves to paddle with me in a two person boat. She trusts that I will steer her right and that she doesn’t have to take full responsibility for where her kayak goes!
Look for the Little Hero as well, which will complete the Hero line-up.
Side Kick
Little Hero
Super Hero
Dynamic Duo
5 models in the Hero series! That is a record for a river running kayak!
The newest river runners will take great care of you in Jackson Kayak style.
I’ll keep you updated as we finish the plugs, molds, etc.. It will likely be into November and December before you get to bring yours home!
Thanks for the letters of support for these boats! You convinced me that it was worth doing!