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August 25, 2008

Kristine’s most recent due date, set by the doctors of September 9th was just bumped up to today due to a variety of complications with her pregnancy. She developed high blood pressure and bleeding from the pregnancy as well as her water broke 7 hours ago. It is 1am in Nashville at Vanderbilt Hospital where she is now. At 8am they will begin working on her and by 11am they should be delivering KC, our new son!
I am quite distraught that I am not there, but some times it is impossible to plan everything to work they way you want them to. Kristine is in good spirits and quite excited to be a new mom again. The kids are also super pumped to be a big sister and big brother.
We are headed to Switzerland and will be there today and for the next week for the World Cup Final.
Man, talk about having things try to steal your focus. This must be some kind of test. Life is getting too boring and perhaps we need to find something to add to it to make it more interesting… not!
OK, time to go, Emily is talking to Kristine right now and it must be my turn!