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While we are the only brand in the world that has not switched from using Cross-linked Polyethylene to linear, it takes resolve and commitment to do so. It is more expensive, harder on the molds, takes longer to mold, and generally costs Jackson Kayak a lot of money to stick with it.

Why then, do we do it? Because it is so much stronger, wears better, keeps its shape way better, and allows you to make lighter boats. Examples are when Jay Kincaid wore through 11 boats in one year training in Reno all year, and when he switched to the JK Super Star in Cross-link, it lasted him all year!

We will be making the Classic Funs and Stars in linear but selling them for $799. We want to offer a good boat at a low price for those of you who are considering a used boat or just can’t swing a new model, top of the line, Jackson Kayak.

Here is a study on Cross-link verses linear by an independent person that David Knight provided.
See you on the river!