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October 1, 2008

My first 5 minutes at the Prague Whitewater park was spent marveling over the young Maxime Renault that was out paddling in the hole. I never met him before that moment and, after watching him relate to others around him, and watching him paddle, I knew that was a kid in the spirit of Team JK.

I got to know him fairly well with some late night conversations, and lots of time with his dad over the next month of the World Cup. I am proud to present him as a regional team member!

Here is what Max says about Max…

Vice European champion
French champion
7th at world cup
Favorite wave/hole
Hawaii ( lyon )

Hi, my name is Maxime, I form france, I’m 17 years old, I got into kayaking five years ago, beginning, I don’t want kayak , but, after have try and I loved it for good sensation^^ 3 years after, I’m going into the single kayak class of france, this a stop with the class and and I was training alone, now, I want Now I want to have fun and big sensation

World championship 09 😉

Coming soon


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