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Worldcup Thun review

For me the last worldcup was the most exciting one of the whole world cup tour.

Primarily because it was the only competiton hold on a wave but as well because it’s the place fort the next world championship.
It’s always special when a big kayak event is in your home country. Unfortunetely this wave stands only during the competition and almost never through the year. This is actually a pity because i really like this feature and so we from Switzerland basically don’t have any local advantage.
The Worldcup was my 3rd competition on this wave but this year the wave was slightly better than the years before. The style of the wave depends on the position of the gates under the wooden bridge but also on the current lake and river level.
I was super happy when i was on the second place after the prelims and the semifinals so i was maybe a little too nervous for the finals.
Even though i ended up just 5th in the end i am still content with me. The whole event was a awesome show to experience. I won the King of the wave and had heaps of fun competing at the Big Air or watching the Raft high-ender competition.

The swiss TV made a short program about the Thun-river-jam and about me.

Check it out:

Now I’m really looking forward to the world next year and hope to see you all there again!

Sam Schwarz

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