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October 8, 2008

Hi EJ.
Just a quick note!
I bought the new hero 08 about a month ago, what a sweet boat.
I have only been paddling about 3 months.
My first boat was a Pyranha ammo m. I thought it was a nice ride until I had a demo in the hero.job done sold the Pyranha the next week.
It way easier to roll the hero more stable and quicker.Before I had trouble down the nanty with the Hero I can clean the upper pigeon.
The big wave train on our local run which is the lower Haw NC gabe’s bend at high level, the hero rode up the face pointed to the sky and slid down the other side with a little brace.This would not be possible in the other boat.
This makes my boating skill level look better than it really is.LOL
Thanks again for the sweet boat design you’re the man!!!!
I am now going to demo the super star and if its any where as good as the hero in design I will have to sell the wife to add it to the fleet !
Keep up the good work.
Thanks Chris Shand