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By Jez

I am sitting in Switzerland pondering what an amazing month it has been on the road with the World Cup. The results are in however this does not come close to describe what ridiculous fun we have had while on the road. The parties, the paddling, the total randomness that is associated with hitting the road with people from all over the world. What a ride it has been. I can tell you I am super stoked with my results and the results of the rest of the team. We have been witness to some great boating, and fierce competition here in Europe and I am very happy to be able to have filmed it all so everyone can at least see what the world cup and this road trip has been like. I will do what I can to pump this video out, but once again I will throw more info on this film as it comes to hand.

Right now I am stuck in the Munich airport as apparently there is a world wide computer virus or similar that has crashed all the computers at airports. I was the last person in line at the airport to miss out, as I watched the computer screens die right before my eyes. Just bad timing I guess. Hmm, not great news as it may mean I miss out on my Nepal trip but that I guess is fine with me right now as the rivers there are way too high to run as they have had a huge amount of rain of late. I am also way too tired to start trekking off on another expedition, especially since I have been travelling around the world paddling every day for the past couple of months. Well, hopefully I will be able to make it out of Europe ok.

The rest of the team have got a video shoot today with the Gillette world of sports crew, paddling off a few water falls. Good for them!

Anyway, I am off to try to get on a plane, any plane right now will do as the crowds are building up here already and things are not looking good.

Jackson Kayak Coordinator of Karma