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October 22, 2008

By Pikey

I’ve been coming back to Canada/States for the past 3 years but always seem to miss out on the Moose festival, well this year I cruised down with a few good friends to run this true classic and enjoy the festival.

Water levels were lower than the last few years but I’m stoked to of gotten probably the warmest of years to date, The rapids were super fun and we took our time to take pictures and video, some of the drops you just kept jumping out at the bottom to run up and fire it up again just to get that extra buzz again. It was great to see so many people enjoying this beautiful run, It seemed a perfect practice playground for river running and creeking. I paddled my Superhero, which was a great choice for the river, it’s constantly giving me confidence and even with the worse hang over the SuperHero came to the rescue when I was in need. LOL

As for the festival there was no booths set up which was a shame as I always love mooching around for some bargains, saying that it sure didn’t put a down on the actual reason for a festival, and that the social side of events, with people still around for a party, Room 6 of our motel was the beginning and end place to be for some fun and games, best one being cowboy, Indian and Bear, with shotgun beating everything. Lol

Well hope you enjoy the pictures of some classic rapids.
Pictures taken by Tyler Fox, Louise Urwin and Mike Piacenti.

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