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August 24, 2008

Today was a huge day for the athletes trying to make it to the finals. For the men a cut from 20 to 10, and then a cut from 10 to 5 with the competition being so fierce that people couldn’t believe the scores they were seeing. I just finished spending about 5 hours with Emily in a hospital getting her severe bronchitis dealt with. They wanted to keep her overnight, for a small price of 500 Euros (about $1,000). The IV she got dealt with her dehydration, and she got her first dose of anti-biotic. The last doctor we saw here was an idiot for not prescribing an anti-biotic to deal with the infection. Sorry, that was all off topic.
Junior Men’s Semi-finals:
Sebastian- France
Jason Craig- USA
??? German in a Bliss Stick Boat
Dane Jackson- USA
Michael Palmer- USA
Senior Women’s Semi-Finals
French Girl
Ruth Gordon- Canada
Emily Jackson- USA
Maria- Sweden
Nina- Slovakia
Senior Men’s Semi-finals
Mathieu Domoulin- France
Simon- Germany
Peter Czonka- Slovakia
Dustin Urban- USA
Tomorrow is a big day! Finals!