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August 31, 2008

The Semi-Finals saw some great rides yesterday with all 5 paddlers in the 500’s or higher and Nick being in the high 800’s. Today is the finals and I’ll bet we’ll see some really big scores! With Stephen Wright, Nick Troutman, Dustin Urban, Peter Czonka, and Mathieu Domoulin you have a stacked finals! The only new comer to the finals is Stephen Wright who was 6th twice in a row in the past two events. In the three World Cup events with 5 men in each finals there were only a total of 7 finalists between all three finals.

Peter Czonka- all three (world championships silver medalist)
Dustin Urban- All three
Mathieu Domoulin- All Three (European Champion- 4th in World championships)
Nick Troutman- two of the three (bronze in world championships)
EJ- two of the three (world champion and last world cup champion)
Stephen Wright- one of the three (world cup silver medalist)
Simon Strohmeier- one of the three (top European paddler)

Great consistency by these top paddlers. Look for big performances today!