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August 31, 2008

Today was the World Cup Final Finals and the results are in! What a great show by many classes having their highest scores here today in the finals!

In the Men’s Kayak Class- Nick Troutman and Stephen Wright dominated the finals with rides in the 900’s in their All-Stars. Peter Czonka had a great first ride at 540 points to take third. Mathieu and Dustin did well but didn’t have their best scores today, getting in the low 400’s.

The overall World Cup Results for K1 Men were:

Peter Czonka- Slovakia- Project
Nick Troutman- Canada- All-Star
Dustin Urban- USA- All-Star

In the Women’s Class today Emily took an early lead with 150 points. Shortly after in second rides, Ruth Gordon took over that first place position. In third rides Marianne Seather took the first place position from Ruth with 220 points, but Emily was yet to go. On Emily’s final ride, she gave it hard and had her best ride of the competition and got a 226 point ride, just 6 points ahead for the win! Ruth ended up third.

In the World Cup overall it was:

Emily Jackson- USA- Star
Ruth Gordon- Canada- Star
Fiona Jarvie- Great Britain, Star

In the junior Men’s Class it was also a huge scoring round. Dane went first and got a 410 point ride which is super high for the juniors. Jason followed it up with a 443 point ride to take the lead and Sebastian got a 423 point ride to put him in second. Nobody was able to touch those scores or improve them in the next two rides. Sam from Switzerland was 5th and the Netherlands Tom was 4th.

In the overall Junior World Cup results:
Sebastian – France- Gui Gui kayak
Jason Craig- USA- Star
Michael Palmer- USA, All-Star

In the OC1 Class

Jez Blanchard took it all and had good rides.

In the C1 Class

Today it was Dave from England who dominated again for the win. Dane had a great ride as well to get into second place. Alexandre from France was in third.

For overall World Cup, it was Stefan from Czech but I am not sure after that.

I don’t have photos today as I was busy with the cheering and videoing.