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An open boater buddy once told me that friends don’t let friends
paddle kayaks. Other open boating acquaintances have expressed
consternation with the way that I am raising my son, allowing him to
paddle a kayak.

The truth of the matter is that most of my best friends are
kayakers, and without them I wouldn’t have anyone to paddle with.
Robert and I were fortunate enough to hook up with some of my friends
for Robert’s first Ocoee descent last weekend. A good campground,
nice weather, wonderful friends and a relatively uncrowded river made
for an awesome experience for both father and son.

I think that his Jackson 2Fun has absolutely been the right boat for
Robert. My 12 year old son is already a better paddler than me, he
just doesn’t know it yet. The poor condition of my knees might even
cause this Dad to start shopping for a kayak.

Charlie Jordan
Nashville, TN