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You are asking yourself, when can I get my new Dynamic Duo? When can I get my new Little Hero?

The answers are:

Little Hero: we’ll have the mold in house on December 7th and ship our first boats by December 20th.
Dynamic Duo: We’ll have the mold in house on December 15th and be shipping by January 9th.

The Little Hero will be life changing if you are between 90-150 pounds and you want the River Runner that will take care of you! Just ask any of the other Hero owners!

Dynamic Duo? Somebody asked me a year ago, what could the paddler who has any boat he wants possible want in a new boat? The Dynamic Duo was my answer, I want a tandem kayak! After a year of asking other paddlers, I was amazed by two things…

1. How many people really wanted a tandem Hero to paddle with their friends, spouse, significant other, kids, or to teach people in.
2. How many people had never thought of it, and once prompted, said, “Wow, that would be fun, I never thought of it!”

Even my son, Dane, was not impressed with the concept of the tandem Dynamic Duo, until he really thought about it and mentally put himself in the bow, and imagined all of the rivers he could run in it with Nick, or Emily, or I (or anyone for that matter) and how fun it would be! He wants to run the “spout” in it at Rock Island, an 18 foot waterfall. He wants to do enders, and surf the Rock Island hole. Now he sees that “whoa” this is going to be awesome! He is now excited about this boat.

I think every paddler needs their own Dynamic Duo to use to take their friends and family out in it. This way they can easily create more paddling buddies for themselves, and have fun doing it. It is much easier to teach a peel out in a tandem boat by doing it 10 times on a river run with you remembering to lean downstream each time, instead of hoping your friend remembers and then picking up the pieces when they forget, flip, and swim. Like learning to hang-glide tandem, it takes the fear and risk out of the experience as much as possible.

Get yours ordered today! Each of our dealers have ordered two of them. A demo and a “for sale” one. We’ll build them and ship them to your dealer on our own schedule when we get the mold in. Want to get one right away? No problem, just order yours with your local dealer, giving them a deposit. We’ll put you at the front of the line.

It will take 60 days to get all of the dealers’ boats made and shipped otherwise, so getting on in your name is the ticket.

In a time when buying an expensive family ski vacation, a power-boat, so some other high dollar item seems risky with today’s news, a Dynamic Duo is a perfect family present that will be used and enjoyed and will retain its value well as all Jackson Kayaks do.

Click here for the specs on:
Little Hero
Dynamic Duo

Written from Plattling, Germany where Kristine is in meetings with the International Canoe Federation Freeestyle Committee.