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Hi EJ,
A quick note to say thanks! My best mate and I started kayaking in July this year and are 2 Star kayakers (in the UK, the British Canoe Union grades all paddlesports from 1 star to 5 star and you progress through the grades by passing exams – 5 star is held by the most experienced kayakers/canoeists). We’re looking at 3 Star Whitewater soon. I discovered your Whitewater Stokes and Concepts book recently and take it to work with me to read on the train. Through that, I also discovered your DVD series. I got the Rolling and Bracing DVD alongside the two River-Running DVD’s. They are bloody good! I had a 70% roll before, now I have a 100% combat roll on flat water and a very comfortable high brace. Yet to hit any whitewater – that’s this coming weekend!

Thanks for your boundless enthusiasm and great teaching methods. Both Chris (my kayak buddy) and I have really enjoyed it. He could not brace properly at all until watching the Rolling and Bracing DVD!

"By what I’ve seen so far and his teaching style and method, EJ’s rolling and bracing could be the best instructional video (in anything) that I’ve ever seen. It could be the difference between me enjoying and embracing my Kayak career and not being able to develop the key skills which helps me generate the enthusiasm to work towards the next step.