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By Rodridgo Tuschner

Hello there Jackson Kayak Family and Team Here is Rodrigo from Chile. After looking this water fall for a long time and looking also for the perfect water level, here is, one of the most biggers water fall that my home town Pucon have.

The Panqui River is a very easy class IV river, but whit a very big portage at the middle of the run.
Last year I was looking whit my dude C. Korbulic from Jackson Kayak Team and we dont find the perfect water level.

This year The Garcias Brother here and we start to paddle like 1 week ago, so we come back to the Panqui and all was perfect, I was so happy when Ian say: I love this water fall, lets runner.

After the incredible help of Jared Seiler making safe from the bottom Ian and I fire Up the new big Water fall…
here is the awesome photos , Enjoy….

Well, we go to continue looking for more biggers stuff…

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