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Duck season is definately upon us here in Virginia. Unpredictable weather usually forces us to to change from from heavy parkas to light weight raincoats and bug mesh head covers on a day to day basis. No matter the weather, the kayak is definately the most stealthy and easy to manuver vessel no matter where it is being used. The picture attached shows my buddy James and his first Greenwing Teal ever and it was taken out of the Jackson Daytripper Elite. We sat in the swamp for 2 hours not knowing that a flock of teal had landed not 30 yards from us. James slipped into the Daytripper that had been camoflaged and got within 10 yards from the unsuspecting bird. That bird was one of four ducks taken that day out of our kayaks. The two that I downed almost landed on me before they realized that the log they were landing next to was packing a 12 gauge. The size of the cockpit also makes it very easy to get into with mud-caked chest waders. What a great boat!


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