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By Jessie Stone

Sad news is finally upon us here at the Nile. The mighty Silverback dam has been making rapid progress, and the word from the energy company is that by sometime in January 2009 Silverback will no longer be runnable. So if you have not been to the Nile and you want to see and paddle this incredible river in all its glory, come now!! Silverback is a spectacular rapid, really big fun, and it’s hard to imagine the rapid being gone. Since filling in the Ugly Sisters channel happened so quickly and there has been no sign of slow down in blasting and building despite the global financial crisis, it seems likely that the dam builders will stay on schedule, sadly for all of us. So if you have been waiting for an excuse to come kayak the Nile, you have got one. Come soon and paddle one of the world’s greatest rivers while you can!

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