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One of the places to find great water and weather in July is the Ottawa River in Ontario. Warm water, big water, variety of rapid types and even two channels to run make this an annual stop for me. Ottawa Kayak School is a JK Super School, meaning that they have the JK boats you need for your week there, so you don’t have to fly, or drive with one if you don’t want to!

The dates are set, so the bookings can now start. I recommend booking immediately if you are interested because they tend to fill up fast. The following is what I am teaching:

1. Weekend Intermediate Clinic- Focus is on beginner/intermediate playboating where we’ll do the following:

  • Two days of strokes and concepts (1 hour each day)
  • Two days of Rolling and Bracing (learn to offside, backdeck, and hand roll). (1 hour the first day and then as needed the second day)
  • Flatwater playboating skills
  • Surf the river!- We’ll spend most of the afternoon just playing different spots with instruction by EJ and likely one of my kids too.

2. Keener Coaching- Have a “Keen and Eager” Teen? There is no place like the Keener program for teens to learn playboating, competing, and be taught self reliance and team work all under the pretense of fun! Both of my kids are Keeners and have been for 5 years now, each year. I’ll be coaching both the A and B groups all week long from Monday through Friday. Send your kids in for a great learning and super fun experience.

3. Week long intermediate kayak clinic- “EJ Week”.

  • We’ll do the complete Strokes and Concepts course for river running and playboating and by Friday everyone should be able to demonstrate all of the strokes and be much more effiecient in their paddling. (I recommend getting “Kayaking Strokes and Concepts, paddling with the Jacksons” DVD before you come.
  • We’ll do rolling and bracing so everyone gets strong and learns to do a variety of rolls that they can’t do yet.
  • We’ll play until our arms fall off each day and be much stronger and fitter than when we arrived!
  • At the end we’ll do an evaluation of each of your river running and playboating skills and you’ll walk with the sheet knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to improve them!

Sound good? Contact Ottawa Kayak School, or call 1- 888-723-8669

Pricing and dates are here:

July 11-12th –
2 Day* EJ Clinic Sat/Sun $499 CD or $396 USD (please note price is quoted in CD and rate fluctuates in US; reserve now while CD is low)
*add a warm up day on Friday with a top OKS instructor to maximize your EJ paddling experience for only an additional $149 CD or $118 USD
Please note: we may sell this as a 3 Day* EJ Clinic

July 13 – 17, 2009
5 Day Keener M-F

July 27-31, 2009
5 Day EJ Course $1,249 CD or $993 USD (please note price is quoted in CD and rate fluctuates in US; reserve now while CD is low) Here is my write up from a past week…
All clinics and courses include instruction, meals and a campsite. Cabins, boat rental and taxes are extra.

See you on the Ottawa River this summer!