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I got to go kayaking too… did I say that out loud? Today the river was at 7,500 cfs and the top hole, the main hole, and Brave Wave were all primo! Phonix Monkeys, huge loops, McNasties, then down to the main hole for huge Pan Ams, Flashbacks, and McNasties, and then on to the Brave Wave for huge Flip Turns, Helixes, McNasties, Pan Ams, Back Pan Ams, Clean blunts, Air Screws, Air blunts, and more. After 2.5 hours of sprinting to the wave and high energy surfing, followed by sprinting into the eddy again, the arms turn to rubber. That is the stage I am in right now. Tired, happy, and satisfied! After three months of sub par paddling, we are all back in action here at Rock Island. Stephen Wright, Clay Wright, Justin Owen, Dane, Nick, and Emily. Today the Brave Wave was perfect. Lots of foam to catch you, but lots of runway for big moves. Dane was both throwing down on the wave, and throwing up on the wave, as he got sick overnight somehow.

It has been a tough fall waiting for the rains here. We all came home, hopeful that it would rain when we got back, but it rarely did. One day we got an inch of rain and the river didn’t budge. We are now primed for a great winter. The lake is at 795’ above sea level, and the inflow today is 7,500 cfs, and rain is predicted for the next four days. Our temperature today is a high of 56 degrees, and a low of 40 tonight. Tomorrow 62 degrees! We are planning a second session that may include the “Great Falls” as well. You can run them in playboats just fine, making it easy to run shuttle and do both playboating and river running.

We all have major gasket rash on our necks as our paddling volume has jumped up from zero to hero over the last four days. I hope it gets tougher before it starts to bleed!

Well, I have a couple of hours to go get horse food and a dimmer switch to make KC’s room have more than just blinding bright and totally dark, and keep the horses happy. I also need to get nutcracker to crack all of the hickory nuts that fell on our deck. They taste awesome, but without the right tools it will drive you nuts trying to open them.

Now, I can work and get the work done that I need done, as well as get the training and fun paddling in that makes EJ a happy guy too.

Life has achieved balance, once again…