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KC is now over 3 months old. Being a premature kid born two months
early we worried about him putting on weight and eating well. From the
photos you can see that he has packed on the pounds and is quite healthy
weighing in at over 14 pounds! I wish I could catch a 14 pound bass in the
lake here!

Kristine took these photos last night while hanging out with Clay and Tara
in our house before dinner. What a contrast it is for me having 18 and 15
year old kids that are like adults in so many ways and my paddling buddies,
and having a newborn that can’t even sit up yet. I am enjoying it, even
if the nights are still not quite as restful as I might like.

KC has a personality, and I am quite sure it is just like mine. He is
easily amused, not at all fussy, and easily distracted. I know just how to
deal with that in the future. I’ll just pretend he was me, and do what I
think I would have wanted, or motivate him like I would have been motivated.
We’ll see.

He still isn’t paddling and hasn’t expressed much interest yet, but seems to
really like kayaking videos!


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KC has his dad’s dimple
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EJ enjoying his new baby boy