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By Emily Jackson

Today was my first ever day in the Little Hero. I enjoyed paddling the regular Hero and was a little bit surprised at first that there was going to be a boat in between the Side Kick and Hero because I really thought the Hero paddled well for my size. And then I paddled the Little Hero today. The big rave was its easy turning ability, its stability and the way it goes over everything super smooth. My Hero did that, but now having the boat actually be my size makes a huge difference. I found myself making a quarter of the amount of correction strokes, felt more in control and totally more confident. I ran the North Fork of the Chick at lower flows and it went over all the rocks and holes super well. I really enjoyed my run with absolutely no stress of “I’ve never been in this boat before.” The Little Hero and I clicked instantly and I can’t wait to bring it on Tour for all the whitewater that 2009 might bring! Dad was taking some photos and Nick and Dane were filming so be sure to check those out whenever they put them up!

Happy Paddling and Holidays!