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By Nick Troutman

Well for the past five years or so it has been said that freestyle has plateaued, meaning that everything that could be invented had, and everything possible in a whitewater freestyle boat had been done. Well, we all know that that hasn’t been true, and that there are are always a select few continuously pushing the sport, not always the same people, the baton is always being past on to someone new trying something different.

The resent fad has been in combo moves, were you are combining different moves by starting a move during or before finishing your first. Well, that has opened a whole new era of moves to be done. Not only we will eventually be able to link almost any move with another, you can then continue the combo by just adding more and more moves. A great thanks goes to the YGP boys and the Salida boys in Colorado who really took it amongst themselves to raise the bar.

Even though combo moves have taken the scene, I would like to remind people that there are still single moves out there that haven’t been done. I am trying to make sure people don’t think that the only thing new is a combo, there are still moves do be done that haven’t been done before, or had been done once, and then forgotten. I am going to continue inventing, or re-inventing moves along side those who already are thinking up new moves, and making new combos.

So thanks to everyone out there who has helped out, or invented a move or combo, whether off a lip of a waterfall, or a big wave moves, or a small hole combo, or even a new flat water trick, it all counts.

So after all of that, here is a video of some moves I was working on at Skook last week.

Nick Troutman