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I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I am
enjoying my Mega Rocker. I’ve been paddling the Mega Rocker for over a year
now and usually paddle it on the creeks of the Cumberland Plateau, Northern
Alabama, and the Smokies. But this past year, I got the opportunity to take
it to Mexico in early December. Mexico brought a variety of whitewater
adventures on the Santa Maria, Rio Verde, El Salto, and other Valles area
runs. The Santa Maria was a good juicy level with eddy lines and swirls that
were tougher than the Gauley in my opinion. However, the Mega Rocker just
kept pushing through. The travertine drops of the Micos and El Salto allowed
me to try out it’s waterfall running characteristics while the Rio Verde let
me try out it’s boofing characteristics. I feel this boat takes care of me
whether I am running a high volume river or a small shallow micro-creek. It
gives me the confidence to push forward no matter the conditions. Thanks for
offering the Mega Rocker as part of your whitewater line. It’s design offers
paddlers the ability to paddle a variety of whitewater conditions around the

Checkout the attached pics of Mexico.

Brandon Hughett

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Brandon running a juicy rapid on the SantaMaria
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Brandon running a spout on El Salto
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Brandon running El Luminosa
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Last drop on the Micos
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