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EJ/Kristine – Got the Hero on Friday, I love it. I had to immediately try it, so into the pool it went. I’ve attached a link to a video, so enjoy and have a laugh at my expense!

I do want to thank you guys and let you know that I appreciate it. I’m going to Mexico in January with Ben and I’ll be going up to San Marcos before then to get in some moving water experience as well. You must know that it is pretty humbling watching you guys paddle. Remember that most of my paddling experiences have been with people who are at the top 1% of the kayaking population. It’s like playing basketball with the Bulls in the 90’s and wondering why these guys are running circles around you. While it is a rare privilege to have such opportunities, it does tend to make one feel a little inadequate. Anyway, I’m excited about getting into a whitewater boat again, and hopefully next time I see you guys on the river I’ll be able to hop in a boat and have some fun!