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By Dane Jackson

We have had the for about a month now and so far I have taken down sieve city, the spout, and the first river run in the Dynamic Dou, the Upper Caney Fork. The boat is a blast to paddle. It is a different experience for sure. It is still awesome. When we took it down the falls a couple times it was really fun, would be off the edge and still not falling yet. We had 2 good runs of the spout and the 3rd time we petoned our brains out, but once again the Unishock Bulkhead system proved it’s worth. With only sore backs and necks my dad and I were ok, and our ankles were fine. The sieve city was fun, it was not very high water, but it was still fun, some nice boofs and stuff. . The main thing we did that day as well was try some rolls and stuff like that. And it was great, easy to roll, fun to paddle, awesome. Clay and I were the ones that took the boat down the Caney Fork and we were pretty nervous at first but it was great and a blast to do and I think that every time I go to the Caney Fork, I want to go in the , it was great, handled great, we go some nice boofs, good lines, did a lot of the slots. It was just an awesome day. No bad lines, no pins or anything, the main thing of the day was probably that we got an nice big boof off of this great boof rock(I don’t know the name, the picture is on the website). But yeah, just a little update on the dynamic duo, I hope to see some more on the rivers and this is a great boat. Especially for those people that are not comfortable enough to paddle in a boat by themselves, they just hop in the front and have an experienced person in the back. I personally would practice some rolls before you start the run, and one really important thing to do at the start, is to pick a side that you will always roll on, you probably want it to be your better side, that way when you flip over you are both rolling on the same side. This boat is a blast to paddle. Well, thanks for reading my update,