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If you live in or near Atlanta, Georgia, High Country Outfitters is
the place to get your Jackson Kayak boats and accessories. Bubba Sloan has
been a friend of mine for many years, as far back as 1990. His retail shop
is the premier outdoor outfitter in the Atlanta area, selling the best gear
for climbing, kayaking, hiking, camping, or just staying warm in the winter.
He also has a rafting company on the Ocoee, offers kayak classes in the
spring, and you can find him in the Buckhead store daily, assuring that each
customer gets the personal attention they need. During my visit, he
would stop and greet each customer himself, leaving me at the cash register
talking shop with his staff until that customer got what they needed. We
hit up the local Cuban restaurant for lunch and then headed back out of
town. The Dynamic Duo was the hit of the visit, but I couldn’t convince
Bubba to leave the shop for a paddle on the Chattahoochee on this trip in it
today. Have to wait until next month when we come back to do a
presentation/ and video premier, and a Chattahoochee paddle.

Eric Jackson