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For those of you who don’t know our staff, Seth is a customer service
agent, and Richard is the shipping manager. We strive to make every
Jackson Kayak customer a customer for life. This isn’t easy, and we make
mistakes from time to time, but we try our best and have a staff that I am
super proud of.

Here is the note I got this morning… and here is a link to these two fine
gentlemen’s bios…

Hi EJ – you must get lots of compliments on your staff and the high
level of customer service that your company delivers. Well, here is one
more. Seth Webster and Richard Lane took great care of me in handling a
hull replacement for my SuperFun. Very professional and very repsonsive
to my needs. You have great staff!! I received my new hull yesterday
and cannot wait to get back on the river. Of course up here near the
Ottawa that means waiting another 2- 2 1/2 months for the ice to
dissappear! Such is life in the Great White North.

Thanks again to you and your staff. Looking forward to seeing you this
summer on the Ottawa. Happy paddling.