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I stopped into the NOC store on the Nantahala River yesterday with Kristine, KC, and the dogs, Rocksey and Tilly. We parked the RV at the NOC resort and by 3am the rain started falling on the RV. When we woke up we headed over to the NOC store and showed off the Dynamic Duo to them. It was their first visual on it and everyone took turns getting in the front, back, and pretending to paddle it. Robert Bone, the buyer at the store got fired up to paddle it and told me the Upper Nanty was running, otherwise known as the Cascades. He ran home to get his gear and in the meantime Chris and Anne showed up and had their gear already, so we decided to get out and do an attainment workout in front of the store. Chris and I got in, with him in the back, me in the front and made all of the attainments from the store up to the falls on our first try. We boofed all of the rocks and even tried rock spins on the way back, which was quite fun. When we got back to the store, Anne was ready to paddle and chris got out and Anne got in, with me in the back this time. We did the attainments up again, with Anne 7 months pregnant! It was a really good workout. By the time we got back, Robert was in his gear, so we switched out again, and this time Robert and I paddled down at the waves and slalom gates and practiced up for the Cascades. After 15 minutes we loaded the boat back on the RV and headed up river. Kristine dropped us off at the put-in and Robert got in the front. I have run this stretch a number of times, but it has been a few years so I decided that instead of scouting, I would see what it is like just talking through it with my bow man, who knows the run really well. Robert and I had an awesome run! I could tell where he wanted the boat to go, and I just ruddered and swung the boat around from the stern through the narrow slots and shallow drops. It was amazing how well we could snake through everything! Robert took Amanda, the President of the Atlanta Whitewater Club down the Cascades for a second run, and it was her first time down ever! She got in the front and had hand paddles and he was in the back. They tipped at Chinese Feet, but made all of the other drops right side up! They hadn’t tried a practice roll yet and swam in the eddy. After they got back in and tried a practice roll, it was clear to them how easy it was and they were ready for whatever was next.

What a bonus to be able to find three people to paddle the Dynamic Duo with in one day!

Eric Jackson