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A couple of paddlers from the East Race Waterway and the "East Race
Canoe and Kayak Club" in South Bend Indiana get exposed to my neck of the
woods. David is behind the camera on these shot as his running career has
turned into a hip replacement that is almost ready for paddling but not
quite. Steve is the bowman on our Dynamic Duo trip on the Caney Fork at
Rock Island. We started the day off up at the power station and practiced
our roll, ferries, and within two minutes we were boofing rocks, surfing the
top waves, and braving the "helicopter eddy" under the top falls! The
beauty of having a guy along that isn’t quite healed enough to paddle is
that you have a built in shuttle bunny and photographer! Sorry David, but
we have all been there, and it will be Steve or my turn soon enough!
Steve and I did a run down the river past Brave Wave, and through the
beautiful gorge you can see in the photos. Paddling under waterfalls
formed by springs, with ice hanging down making natural popsicles, and
winding through the gorge into an awesome setting of standing waves at 3,200
cfs (more than the Gauley for example at normal flows) that we did some
speedy ferries across and finishing up at this boat ramp made for a great
Dynamic Duo run with my new buddy Steve.

Steve was like an outboard motor with the throttle stuck on full power the
whole time. I would say, "take a break" but that rarely worked. I think
he wanted a good workout! Fun stuff!

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