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By Justin Owen

Just as it seemed like the rain was over for awhile here on the plateau, we were surprised with a couple of inches again. As has been the case lately, I had something in mind for just such a day. On that note, I headed to Cookeville to meet Tom Hehnen, his son Tommy, Jason and Chuck to check out a big time first d triple drop. The stars were not aligned on this day as I was too late or it just needed more water. I was disappointed to some extent then Tom suggested we go take a look at Waterloo Falls, and I’m sure glad we did.
The falls are close to my heart, because they are at the putin for Spring Creek, the place that I learned how to paddle, in the town where I went to college. There have only been a few descents of this drop, and I always knew that someday I would fire it up. The time had finally come, the river was at an optimal level for the falls (around 6-8ft. but the gauge is down). The line that we chose was where there was a recess in the outcropping shelf, allowing me to land in a crack in deep water. I cleared the small ledge landing in between larger ledges on each side, plugged the drop, and washed out from behind the spray right side up… what else could I ask for?
Thanks to Tom Hehnen for shooting video and his son Tommy for taking pictures. If you would like to see video here it is.